Seed Hawk Air Seeder SCTx Retrofit Kit

From now until Dec. 31st, 2024, Redhead Equipment is offering 10% OFF the SCTx Air Seeder retrofit kit from Seed Hawk!


Sectional Control Technology from Seed Hawk is designed to make the seeding process as efficient as possible. This innovative technology eliminates overlaps and reduces ground disturbances, saving you money on input costs.

Together with onboard GPS, Seed Hawk SCT lifts openers, and shuts down metering of seed and fertilizer when sections of the unit encounter previously seeded ground.


This 3-piece kit includes the the retrofit kit itself, a 1-time unlock fee from Seed Hawk, and a 3-month subscription to be renewed annually.

The kit can be installed on all Seed Hawk iCon Air Seeders from years 2016-present. With the retrofit kit, these seeders can be up to date with SCT featured on 2023 units onward. Get increased sectional control and turn compensation out of your Seed Hawk without purchasing an entirely new unit.

For your Seed Hawk Air Seeder to be compatible with this kit, it must be already equipped with Gateway 260 software and an A222 Receiver.


To request more info about the Seed Hawk Air Seeder SCTx Retrofit Kit, contact your nearest Redhead Equipment location.

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