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Let us know how we can help


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SDLG to Show Compact Loader’s Utility Prowess at ICUEE 2017

SDLG will show the utilities market the benefits of its new, compact loader that can compete in price with large skid steer loaders.

SDLG will showcase its newest North American offering — the SDLG L918F wheel loader — at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition 2017 (ICUEE) from October 3-5 at outdoor booth K335 at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Personnel will be on hand to discuss the L918F compact loader and how it can benefit the utilities market.

“The L918F is an ideal yard machine for many utility contractors, and the machine excels at municipal work such as snow removal and moving gravel,” said Nick Tullo, sales manager for SDLG North America. “Like other SDLG loaders, it’s well-suited for applications that are seasonal or don’t require lots of operating hours. The machine is also perfect for owners that can find value in a reliable, low-cost loader backed by a 12-month, 2,000-hour warranty, with extended warranties available.”

The L918F compact wheel loader is SDLG’s fifth wheel loader offering in North America and features a 1.0 yd3 bucket capacity mounted to a skid steer-style coupler, placing it in the compact loader category but with the versatility of skid steer style attachments. In addition, the unit will have an optional 1.3 yd3 bucket with wheel loader ISO coupler. The machine provides the same bucket capacity as large skid steer loaders but offers increased maneuverability and operator comfort. Additionally, the compact loader’s steering mechanism is less damaging to jobsite surfaces when compared with a skid steer loader.

The L918F Compact Wheel Loader features:

  • A Deutz Tier 4 Final engine (no DPF filter)
  • Dry disc brakes
  • Two-speed countershaft transmission
  • A 1.0 yd3 SSL bucket capacity with in-cab coupler pin control. Optional 1.3 yd3 ISO/GP bucket capacity will also be offered
  • An operating weight of 14,990 lbs
  • A rated load limit of 2,200 lbs
  • A maximum breakout force of 112,240 lb.ft with a standard boom
  • A compact body that is only 9 ft, 7 in tall and 6 ft, 8 in wide

“SDLG will build upon its proven success in other regions of the world and follow the same global model,” Quinn said. “We’ve seen that there is an opening in the market for value-priced products that offer simple, reliable technology and we’re excited to expand our lineup to offer machines that benefit this large segment of customers.”

Several municipalities in North America, including the New Jersey Department of Transportation and the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, have already adopted SDLG wheel loaders for roadwork, snow removal, and a host of other applications that will resonate with utility contractors. The L918F wheel loader is poised to gain similar popularity, especially given its compact size and maneuverability.

With more than 950 leading manufacturers participating, ICUEE will cover more than 25 acres of indoor and outdoor exhibits, and will host several product demonstrations and educational seminars throughout the grounds.

“SDLG has set a precedent in North America for building equipment that tackles tough, municipal jobs while helping contractors achieve returns on their investments,” Tullo said. “The L918F offers the same resilience and intuitive operation in a compact package. We trust that visitors to our ICUEE booth will be impressed with the versatility that the L918F can add to their fleets, helping them to complete the work of a wheel loader and a skid steer.”

About SDLG

Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., (known as Lingong) is one of China’s leading manufacturers of construction equipment, which it produces under the SDLG brand. It is one of the world’s leading suppliers (by volume) of wheel loaders. The company’s headquarters are in Linyi, China, and it has an additional manufacturing facility in Pederneiras, Brazil.

SDLG products are targeted to the value segment and are known for their reliability and robust performance on site. The company has an established and experienced dealer network in the export markets in which it operates. This network is dedicated to providing excellent parts availability. Lingong was founded in 1972 and currently employs 3,150 people.

(The previous article “SDLG to Show Compact Loader’s Utility Prowess at ICUEE 2017” was archived on September 16 2017 via https://www.sdlgna.com.)

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