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Equipment Sales

Take advantage of the current CAD/USD exchange rate and save big on premium used farming and agricultural equipment.


  1. Call or search our inventory listings, then contact us with the unit or stock number that you are interested in.
  2. Redhead Equipment will provide you with detailed information and specifications on the equipment.
  3. Upon agreement to purchase, Redhead Equipment will work with you to determine the level of involvement you would like to have with regards to brokering the deal and transporting the unit.
  4. Once payment has been made, shipping arrangements will be made immediately. Items can arrive as early as 2-3 days from time of departure.


The USD/CAD exchange rate is the lowest it’s been in years. Based on the current strength of the US dollar, US customers can save up to $100,000 on each unit of used agricultural equipment purchased from Redhead Equipment. That’s after freight and customs fees.

Our equipment offered is also the exact same model you currently buy from your local US dealer. They are shipped to us from the same manufacturers’ plants where they are made in the USA.

Here are some generic examples to demonstrate your potential savings:

  1. 2014 Case IH Steiger 400 Tractor
    • US Dealer Price = $280,000 USD
    • Redhead Equipment Price = $210,000 USD
  2. 2013 Case IH 9230 Combine
    • US Dealer Price = $335,000 USD
    • Redhead Equipment Price = $251,250 USD
  3. 2012 Case IH Patriot 4430 Sprayer
    • US Dealer Price= $311,000
    • Redhead Equipment Price = $233,250 USD

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes and models are available for purchase?

Redhead Equipment offers a wide selection of premium used farming equipment and machinery, including Case IH, Seed Hawk, MacDon, John Deere, and New Holland. We sell used combines, sprayers, tractors, swathers, windrowers, air drills and more at huge savings for our US customers. To see our full inventory, please view our Equipment Listings above.

Is buying equipment from Canada worth the hassle?

There is no hassle whatsoever. Redhead Equipment can work with a broker on your behalf to handle all paperwork and transportation. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the money you will have saved.

How does the current CAD/USD exchange rate affect my purchase?

At the time of purchase, we will convert your purchase price and subsequent expenses from CAD to USD using the most current exchange rate. That can yield up to 30% savings just from the currency conversion.

Are your US prices listed online negotiable?

Redhead Equipment’s inventory listings display retail pricing. Please contact us to discuss cash prices and the additional discounts associated with them.

What customs and shipping documentation is required?

Redhead Equipment makes it easy for you to take advantage of these cost savings by handling all paperwork and transportation. However, if you do want to handle the process on your own, the documentation required includes:

  • BILL OF LADING: The Bill of Lading must contain a legible, complete and accurate description of the goods and must be consistent with the information listed on the Commercial Invoice. This includes the type of clearance preferred by the consignee and the name of the Customs Broker (or their appointed agents).
  • COMMERCIAL INVOICE: The Commercial Invoice contains a complete description of the goods being shipped, along with the proper valuations and currency information. You will require two copies of the Commercial Invoice. One must accompany the freight from the point of pickup to the point of customs clearance, and the other should be attached to the Bill of Lading.
  • CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN: The Certificate of Origin is used by the broker to determine the correct rate of duty under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). If this document is missing, the highest rates may be applied to each item and U.S. Customs may not allow the goods into the country. NAFTA documents are not required at time of border clearance and can be submitted up to 90 days after a shipment has cleared customs.
  • EPA EMISSIONS STANDARDS – STICKER AND FORMS: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) documentation is required for an engine to enter the USA. Engines require a clearly visible EPA sticker, usually located on the cylinder head cover (or if there is no EPA sticker, a letter from the engine manufacturer stating that the engine conforms to all EPA requirements) as well as Form 3520-21.

What options do I have for brokering the deal?

  • Redhead Equipment can work with a broker on your behalf, handling all paperwork necessary to get your equipment delivered to your door.
  • If you’d like to be more involved in the process, we can also put you in touch with a broker so that you can get the deal done – or you can simply source and work with your own broker if you so choose.
  • Fees for all options will be similar.

What options do I have for transportation and delivery?

  • Redhead Equipment can fully arrange transportation for you at a reasonable rate, for delivery to your door.
  • If you’d like to be more involved in the process, Redhead Equipment can meet you with the item for pick-up at the border for you to carry across yourself or you can arrange transportation to pick up the equipment directly from one of our dealerships.
  • Please note, goods entering the USA must be carried by a carrier registered with the National Motor Freight Transportation Association and have their own SCAC code.

What additional costs are involved when buying from Canada?

  • Having been made and assembled in the USA, there is no duty to be paid on Redhead Equipment used equipment purchases transported to the US.
  • The only taxes to be paid are those mandated by the US government, same as if the equipment was bought locally in the USA.
  • There is a minimal charge for brokerage fees for the necessary customs documentation.
  • Shipping costs will vary depending on the weight of the unit and distance to be travelled, however you will experience shipping costs to some extent regardless of where equipment is purchased.
  • Carriers of the equipment will have insurance on the unit during transport, though we advise you secure your regular insurance on the equipment prior to its departure.

Where is Redhead Equipment located in proximity to the USA?

Redhead Equipment has seven locations across the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. This includes our Swift Current location, 95 miles north of the Montana border and our Estevan location, just 12 miles north of the North Dakota border.

How can I track my shipment?

If Redhead Equipment is shipping for you, we will let you know the trucking company handling the shipment and custom tracking number of your equipment.

How long will it take for my equipment to arrive?

After purchase is finalized, shipping arrangements will be made immediately. Items can arrive as early as 2-3 days from time of departure, depending on distance to be travelled and barring any issues with customs.

What methods of payment are accepted?

  • Cash, cheque, or electronic transfer are all accepted forms of payment.
  • Redhead Equipment can arrange financing through international manufacturers if required, but the process is much more complex.

Why buy from a dealer in Canada instead of an auction?

  • When buying from an auction you will need to be there to do the inspection, or hire a mechanic or other experienced individual to conduct the inspection for you. When you buy from Redhead Equipment, we will relay all information about our equipment to you first hand, including photos and videos if you require.
  • You can only conduct a visual and if possible, a functional inspection at an auction. Redhead Equipment can provide you a full inspection report on the equipment’s history.
  • At an auction, most equipment is available for pickup only once paid in full. When buying from Redhead Equipment, we can transport the equipment to your door and provide you the all-in price for doing so.
  • You may be required to pay a buyer’s fee with an auction purchase. There are no such fees when purchasing through Redhead Equipment.
  • You have to handle all broker fees and forms yourself when buying at an auction. Redhead Equipment can do that work for you to simplify the process and make your life easier.