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Väderstad and Seed Hawk are focused on fast, creative farming, relentless research, and the evolution of their equipment in a way that respects each customer’s need for greater efficiency.

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Väderstad Introduces AR to the Farming Industry

Väderstad introduces Augmented Reality (AR) to the farming industry. Using a smartphone or tablet farmers are able to experience farm machinery in a completely new way. - With the Väderstad AR technology, the farmers are for example able to see how the seed meter of the world-record planter Väderstad Tempo is able to deliver excellent … Read More

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Väderstad and Seed Hawk

Väderstad and Seed Hawk are leading global agricultural equipment manufacturers. As partners, their mission is to evolve farming further through the creation of ingenious seeding, planting and tillage equipment. Their team is fueled by an aggressive, entrepreneurial spirit and a strong drive to create innovative farming tools that improve grower profit.

With Väderstad, the grower’s business is their business, and that’s why Redhead Equipment is proud to carry their products. Visit our Redhead Equipment locations across Saskatchewan for your Väderstad and Seed Hawk needs. These products are available in Swift Current, Estevan, Melfort, Prince Albert, Saskatoon, and Lloydminster

Visit the Redhead location nearest you for Seed Hawk Seeders, Tempo Planters, and Carrier Tillage products.


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