Case IH

Steiger Series Tractors

The Most Powerful Tractor in the Industry

Steiger tractors from Case IH are ideal for Saskatchewan farms thanks to record-setting fuel efficiency and a proven record of performance and productivity.


Endless Applications and All-season Productivity

Take control of every season, every application with the Steiger® series tractors with CVXDrive. It’s the first continuously variable transmission for an articulated 4WD tractor and delivers the highest horsepower available on the market —up to 605 peak horsepower – so you can take on year-round farming applications and specialty applications.

Track Technology

Steiger tractorLegendary 4-track Design: For 20 years, Case IH has led and perfected track technology with their Steiger® Quadtrac® and Rowtrac™ tractors. One major advantage Steiger tractors have over any competition is their independent, 4-track design. It provides outstanding traction, flotation, better handling, less rutting and berming. Plus full power on the ground in curves and turns offers flexibility to operate in a variety of conditions and make the most of short seasons.

Operator Environment

Steiger tractorWork Smarter and in Comfort, in Any Conditions: Comfort is a priority when you spend long days in the field. Case IH delivers thanks to input from our customers. The Steiger Surveyor® cab is the largest, most comfortable cab in the industry on a row crop chassis. It’s so quiet, you can talk on your phone or multitask as needed to run your business.

visMaximum Visibility: With 68 square feet of glass and a 40-degree, right-hand swivel seat in the cab, Case IH Steiger tractors give you an exclusive 360-degree full field of vision. Forward visibility is optimized by the Steiger’s sloped hood, and rearward visibility provides an unobstructed view to the drawbar.

4-Way Suspended Cab: The exclusive 4-Point Cab Suspension with shock-absorbing components at each corner of the cab stabilizes front-to-back, side-to-side and up-and-down motions, giving you a smooth ride regardless of terrain. With reduced jarring and bouncing, you’ll have greater focus on the job and more control over your tractor without fatigue and soreness at the end of a long day.

Multi-Function Handle: Adjust your speed, gears and direction, and much more without even raising your elbow. The Case IH MultiFunction control handle puts 85% of the controls operators use most at your fingertips. Guided by customer input, the multiFunction handles features new raised, backlit buttons. You can tell them apart by touch alone, making it even simpler to switch between functions.

Comfortable Seating: Long days in the cab demand seating that’s still comfortable after 12 or more hours. The Surveyor® Cab delivers with a three-position ride control seat, which features an adjustable backrest and lumbar support. The heating and cooling option — with slide-out cushion for leg support — is ideal for working in seasonal temperature extremes.

Steiger tractorLED Lights: When you have to do night time field work, nothing is more important than good lighting. Optional LED lighting packages improve visibility during night time operation, helping you work more efficiently and reducing operator fatigue and stress.

testAutomatic Differential Lock: Steiger tractors now operate more like Magnum tractors with an automatic differential lock, which pulls you through tough spots and reduces in-field compaction. The standard feature automatically engages and disengages, ensuring ease of use. It can also be manually overridden, giving you more more control over your tractor.

testSteering System: The Case IH Advanced Steering system requires less effort to turn the wheel and now comes standard on all Steiger models. It gives you smooth and precise control of the tractor and implement at all speeds and makes transitioning easier from field to road and road to field. Unlike previous systems that required 4 full turns side to side in field applications, the new system requires only 3.5.

Configurations & Models


Steiger tractor wheeled models will keep you ready for any kind of row crop work, in any conditions. And with the 4WD force to boost your row crop operations, Steiger tractors are the ideal choice to pull your large planters and strip-till rigs. Longer wheelbase combined with Case IH exclusive high-flotation tires provides more traction with less compaction, even under load. Available on all Steiger models.


Steiger tractor Rowtrac tractors are fit with track options that allow a maximum travel speed of up to 25 mph for all track widths: 18, 21, 24 and 30 inches. Four points of ground contact deliver more power to the ground with less compaction. This proven design provides a balanced and continuous footprint for maximum traction.


Industry-leading track technology features four individually driven, positive drive, oscillating tracks. Each track maintains constant contact with the ground for a great ride, optimal ground pressure, superior flotation and better traction. Exclusive positive-drive system delivers continuous power at all times, even in wet or slippery spots. Available on Steiger tractor 470, 500, 540, 580, and 620.


Steiger tractors are proven workhorses on construction sites, moving earth at the lowest possible cost per yard. Five models—with wheeled and track options— allow you to match tractor power to your scraper system, whether carry-all or ejector, single, or tandem. Available on Steiger 470, 500, 540, 580, and 620.

Steiger 370

The Steiger tractor 370 has a narrow frame, providing optimal weight-to-horsepower ratio for row-crop applications. Available configurations: Wheeled Row Crop

Steiger 420

The Steiger tractor 420 features a narrow frame for optimal weight-to-horsepower ratio plus a 12.9 L Tier 4 B/Final engine for greater efficiency. Available in HD Wheeled Row Crop and Rowtrac™ configurations.

Steiger 470

The Steiger tractor 470, with a 12.9 L Tier 4 B/Final engine and maximum 517 horsepower, is built for tough conditions. Available in HD Wheeled Row Crop, Rowtrac™, Quadtrac® and HD Wheeled Scraper configurations.

Steiger 500

The Steiger tractor 500, with a 12.9 L Tier 4 B/Final engine and a unique design that reduces compaction, offers unmatched fuel efficiency and a proven record of performance. Available configurations: HD Wheeled, Rowtrac™, Quadtrac®, HD Wheeled Scraper, and Quadtrac® Scraper.

Steiger 540

The Steiger tractor 540 offers industry leading fuel efficiency, power and comfort with a 12.9 L Tier 4 B/Final engine, 605 maximum horsepower and the latest in cab comforts. Available configurations: HD Wheeled, Quadtrac®, HD Wheeled Scraper and Quadtrac® Scraper.

Steiger 580

The Steiger tractor 580, featuring a 12.9 L Tier 4 B/Final engine, is a heavy duty, high horsepower tractor providing the power and fuel efficiency you need. Available configurations: HD Wheeled, Quadtrac®, HD Wheeled Scraper and Quadtrac® Scraper.

Steiger 620

The Steiger tractor 620, with industry leading peak 680 horsepower and a 12.9 L Tier 4 B/Final engine, can handle the largest implements and toughest conditions. Available configurations: HD Wheeled, Quadtrac® and HD Wheeled Scraper.