Case IH

Precision Air™ Air Carts

More Capacity to Cover More Acres

Get superior air seeding, electric drive metering and individual section control with Case IH Air Carts. Tire packages available for ground pressures as low as 14 psi and single-or double-shoot distribution.


Maximize the potential of your seed and fertilizer

Make the most of short seeding windows with the Precision Air 5 series air carts. Designed with the flexibility to fit your operation, the full lineup of air carts from Case IH helps increase seeding capacity and reduce costly overlaps. Customizable configurations provide the versatility for a variety of crops and fertilizers, while our exclusive metering and seed delivery systems offer greater efficiency.

NEW FOR 2021 – More Capacity to Cover More Acres

New for 2021, Case IH is adding two wide-body, tow-between models to the lineup of Precision Air™ 5 series air carts. The Precision Air 3725 and 4765 air carts deliver more capacity than any other Case IH tow-between configuration.

A new rice roller is also available for all Model Year 2021 Precision Air 5 series air carts. With unmatched accuracy, this feature is designed to meter both hybrid and conventional rice. Current owners of Case IH air carts can install this new roller on current models as well.

TANK DESIGN – Easy Accessibility Meets Increased Seeding Capacity

OPERATOR ENVIRONMENT – Greater Control From in the Cab

This series of air carts is developed to work with the Case IH AFS Pro 700 control center. This 10.4 in (26 cm) touchscreen enables easy monitoring and operation from inside the cab:

  • Application rate and rate control
  • Tank bin level and in-tank camera feed
  • Ladder position and other warnings.
  • Section control system


SECTION CONTROL SYSTEM – Precise Control and Visibility Over Your Application

The exclusive Case IH AccuSection™ modular section control system can improve your operations with precise and accurate rate control and adjustment. AccuSection technology uses individual electronic meter drives to provide primary run control on a per meter basis. Avoid overseeding and overfertilizing with costly overlaps and simply change your setup for different operations.

CURVE COMPENSATION – Achieve More Uniform Plant Populations in Every Part of the Field

Add optional curve compensation to any Precision Air 5 series air cart to ensure proper plant population across the drill in tight turns and corners. With this feature, AFS AccuSection allows each section to apply the correct amount of product as sections speed up or slow down through a turn.

FRAME CONSTRUCTION – Rugged and Manueverable Frame Construction

CARTRIDGES AND ROLLERS – Flexibility That Makes Seeding Simple

Three different types of color-coded cartridges (narrow, half-width, full-width) and rollers (fine, medium, coarse) give you the ability to plant almost any seed or apply fertilizer.

The variety of cartridge and roller combinations are interchangeable which lets you tailor the set-up to lower rates when splitting one product from multi tanks. The air cart design also makes the cartridges easy to remove, change and service.


Precision Air™ 2355

The Precision Air 2355 features corrosion-resistant tanks and meters for years of reliable service, even with dry fertilizers.

Precision Air™ 3445

The Precision air 3445's twenty-four volt, independent meter drive motors provide ample power and torque for precise rate control and adjustment.

Precision Air™ 3555

The Precision Air 3555 has a new master shut-off feature that allows for meter servicing without having to empty the air cart's contents.

Precision Air™ 3725

The Precision Air 3725 air cart offers a three-tank, tow-behind model, ideal for broad-acre seeding or fertilizer application. More capacity enables growers to spend more time in the field for maximum efficiency.

Precision Air™ 3915

The Precision Air 3915 air cart delivers 915 bushels of capacity, so growers can seed a maximum number of acres and spend more time in the field for optimum efficiency. This three-tank, tow-behind model is ideal for broad-acre seeding or fertilizer application.

Precision Air™ 4465

The Precision Air 4465 has larger tank openings, low-profile lids and heavy-duty interior ladders provide easier access for operators, while a new over-center tank lid lock system ensures a tight seal.

Precision Air™ 4585

The Precision Air 4585 includes new durable, folding stairway system with solid handrails and slip-resistant treads connects with a heavy-duty catwalk above the tanks that keeps the operator up and out of the dusty environment that can occur at the fill hatch level.

Precision Air™ 4765

The Precision Air 4765's new meters have a modular cartridge design that allows each primary run to have its own individual metering segment, making it easier to adjust for different seed or fertilizer sizes.

Precision Air™ 4955

The new conveyor system can fill the Precision Air 4955 in under 15 minutes, which means more productivity with every fill. The conveyor system also provides remote control operation.