Case IH

Maxxum Series Tractors

A Hardworking, Versatile Machine That You Can Rely On.

Maxxum® series tractors deliver the versatility and productivity your operation demands — from fieldwork to loader work.


Case IH Maxxum® series tractors combine efficient power with operator convenience. Powered by FPT engines, these multipurpose workhorse tractors deliver increased productivity, performance and fuel efficiency to keep your operation running smoothly.


Customize Your Maxxum Tractor to Meet Your Needs

Choose from Maxxum ActiveDrive 4, Maxxum ActiveDrive 8 or Maxxum CVXDrive configurations to best suit the way you plan to use your Maxxum tractor.

Maxxum ActiveDrive 4

·        Versatile workhorse with the proven 16×16 semi-powershift transmission.

·        Ideal for tasks all across the farm from fieldwork to livestock feeding.

·        Customize with the features and comforts you desire.

Maxxum ActiveDrive 8

·        New ActiveDrive 8 dual-clutch transmission delivers a wider range of working speeds without torque interruptions.

·        Advanced technology of MultiControl Armrest and MultiFunction Handle places most-frequently used functions in one hand for easy operation.

·        An optional advanced loader joystick allows you to shift gears from the loader joystick.

·        Outstanding choice for long, demanding days in the field, whether planting, baling hay or doing chores around the farmstead.

Maxxum CVXDrive

·        Simple-to-operate CVXDrive continuously variable transmission delivers seamless speed changes while maintaining power to the ground.

·        Automatically and continuously finds the most efficient gear ratio and engine speed.

·        Excellent choice for loader work and applications on hilly terrain or with frequent load changes; easy-to-use option for less experienced operators.


Heavy-duty MFD or 2WD Options Available

All Maxxum ActiveDrive 4, Maxxum ActiveDrive 8 or Maxxum CVXDrive models feature heavy-duty front-axle options. Maxxum ActiveDrive 4 models also feature a 2WD option.

2WD Option

When a 2WD tractor is best-suited to your needs, Maxxum 2WD models deliver all of the power, comfort and features of the Maxxum tractor line at a lower price point. Enhanced maneuverability and a tighter turn radius, plus efficient power to the PTO and hydraulics, help make 2WD non suspended, heavy-duty front axle an excellent option for hay and forage operations, dairy farms, vegetable production, municipalities and small-acreage mixed farms. The Maxxum 2WD model is compatible with the L103 loader for even more flexibility.

Heavy-duty MFD Option

Multiple front-axle systems — suspended or non suspended, and with or without brakes — allow you to customize your Maxxum tractor to your operation. A Class 4 heavy-duty MFD front axle is the toughest axle ever offered in a Maxxum series tractor, so you have improved traction and increased power to the ground for even the most demanding applications, such as loader work and mounted front tanks.

Factory-available Dual Wheels

Available on the Maxxum MultiContoller ActiveDrive 8 and Maxxum CVXDrive models, factory-available dual wheels deliver better flotation, traction and stability for planting and loader work in challenging conditions, such as hills and wet conditions.


Maxxum® 115

The Maxxum series 115 tractor features a 4-cylinder, 4.5-L engine, delivering up to 145 engine hp and 95 PTO hp.

Maxxum® 125

The Maxxum series 125 tractor features a 4-cylinder, 4.5-L engine, delivering up to 155 engine hp and 105 PTO hp.

Maxxum® 135

The Maxxum series 135 tractor features a 4-cylinder, 4.5-L engine, delivering up to 175 engine hp and 125 PTO hp.

Maxxum® 145

The Maxxum series 145 tractor features a 4-cylinder, 4.5-L engine, delivering up to 175 engine hp and 120 PTO hp.

Maxxum® 150

The 6-cylinder, 6.7-L Maxxum series 150 tractor is the highest-horsepower Maxxum tractor, featuring a longer wheelbase and an improved turning radius plus additional lighting for nighttime operations.