Case IH

2000 Series Early Riser Planters

Maximize Yield Potential

From the rugged row unit to the factory integration of the industry’s most accurate planter technologies, the 2000 Series Early Riser Planter from Case IH operates at your speed to ensure faster, more uniform emergence and the best yield possible.

This easy maintenance planter allows for a customizable seeding depth and plants with accuracy by combining a rugged row unit and accessible T-handle depth adjustment. With the industry’s most accurate technologies, you can achieve high-efficiency planting that adapt to unique field conditions.

The Latest in High-Efficiency Planting

Take your planting productivity to the next level. With ISO Planter Control, now you can visualize high-resolution, as-applied planting data in real time — all from one integrated display that is easy to navigate and customize to match your operation’s needs.

  • Achieve complete in-cab planter control and monitor row-by-row performance in real time.
  • ISOBUS compatibility enables mixed-fleet functionality and communicates with multiple machines, regardless of manufacturer.
  • High-resolution, as-applied planting data and enhanced visualizations from grill to press wheel are made possible by the VisionPro operating system.

ISOBUS Technology

Monitor your 2000 series Early Riser planter from any tractor with easy plug-and-play operation.

One integrated display simplifies operation, reduces upfront display costs, increases visibility and reduces clutter and wiring.

SEED DELIVERY – Precise Per-Row Seed Metering

To achieve the perfect picket fence stand, you need a seed meter capable of delivering accurate and consistent seed singulation, populations and in-row spacing. The all-new seed meter and electric drive at the heart of the new 2000 series Early Riser planter row unit do just that. And it does it at your speed.

vSet® 2 Seed Meter with vDrive® Electric Drive Motor

Row-by-row overlap control and curve compensated spacing deliver optimal seed singulation and spacing. A simple design provides tool-free crop changes and reduces mechanical drive components.

Advanced Seed Delivery (ASD)

For the most accurate seed delivery and placement to add in the trench, the 2000 series ASD option includes the new SpeedTube from Precision Planting. Available for corn and soybeans, the SpeedTube™ uses a flighted belt to control the delivery of the seed from the meter to the furrow, eliminating the drop and tumble variability of traditional gravity drop tubes, especially at high speeds.

BULK FILL SYSTEM – Engineered to Deliver

Our 2000 series Early Riser planters are equipped with bulk-fill tanks to provide reliable seed delivery from the tank to the mini-hopper — no matter the seed population. The 2160, 2150 and 2140 models feature two bulk-fill tanks, and the 2130 model features one 50-bushel tank. Plus, optional 1.9-bushel, on-row individual hoppers are available on all 2130 and 2150.

CARRIER SYSTEM – Reduced Compaction & Better Maneuverability

Extend your planting window with the Rowtrac™ Carrier System, currently available as a factory-installed option. With increased flotation over a wheeled carrier, this carrier system reduces compaction and improves yield potential in wet spring conditions. Plus, it provides better maneuverability with transport steering and excellent ground contact on uneven terrain with fore-aft track oscillation.


Fit the Way You Farm

As the only planter engineered and built with Precision Planting® components, you can customize your planter with the most accurate planting technology, direct from the factory. And, while others may offer some of these components, only the 2000 series Early Riser planter combines Precision Planting technology with the industry’s most agronomically designed row unit.


  • DeltaForce hydraulic down force helps achieve the ultimate row-by-row control across varying soil conditions and speeds
  • Automatically provides the required up or down pressure to achieve consistent weight on the gauge wheels, resulting in highly accurate seed depth
  • Measures gauge wheel load 200 times per second, triggering hydraulic adjustments to add or remove weight five times every second


  • Floating residue managers with CleanSweep air cylinders provide flexibility and enhanced performance to clear even the toughest residue — without distributing soil
  • Make in-cab ride adjustments from the tractor cab through your AFS Pro 700 monitor
  • Simply add down pressure for tougher no-till conditions, or add up pressure for soft and mellow conditions

MAINTENANCE & UPTIME – Easy Service Access & Simplified Adjustments

Many components of our 2000 series Early Riser planters – including the metering system and row unit settings – provide tool-free crop changes and adjustments.

Plus, we’ve eliminated all the mechanical components – hex shafts, bearings, couplers, sprockets, chains and clutches – needed to turn a conventional planter. Fewer things to go wrong means reduced, simpler maintenance.


Direct from the factory, each 2000 series Early Riser planter is configured to meet your specific needs and fit perfectly into your cropping practices. Like never before, you can customize your planter, like never before, to your farm’s soil types, terrain, fertilizer and chemical application needs, and crop residue management preferences.


2130 Stack-fold

A 12-row planter with 30-, 36-, 38- or 40-inch spacing , 16-row planter with 30-inch spacing, or 18-row planter with 30-inch spacing with a stack-fold configuration that requires anywhere from 180 to 310 Engine hp, based on planter size and desired speed.

2140 Pivot-Transport

A 23-, 24-, 31- or 32-row planter with 15-, 20- or 22-inch spacing with a split row configuration option that requires anywhere from 250 to 380 engine hp, based on planter size and desired speed. Available in wheeled or track carriers.

2150 Front Fold Trailing

A 12-, 16, and 24-row planter with 30 inch spacing that requires anywhere from 180-500 engine hp based on planter size and desired speed.

2160 Large Front Fold Trailing

A 24-row planter with 30-inch spacing, 32-row planter with 30-inch spacing, 36-row planter with 20-, 22- or 30-inch spacing, or 47-row split-row planter with 15-inch spacing — available in wheeled or tracked carriers. Toolbars ranging from 60- to 90-feet require 380 to 620 engine horsepower, depending on planter size, desired speed and terrain.